Is it all about lobbying?

To be honest, I know nothing about lobby before I study the degree, because it seems far away from my living. Now, I would say I know some- at least its purpose and how it works. I realise it could also happen in China. And social media makes this kind of activity so closed to us that Chinese people may don’t know them being used to involve in lobbying.

The current debate among Wechat, telcos and government has created great deals of buzz on social media, from Wechat to Weibo, then shifting to traditional media.

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Struggled with creating a pitch? A brief writing could be either.

When I feel struggled to think so many ideas for a campaign, I’m so jealous to those in-house guys who just write a brief and select an agency to do all of it. But I wouldn’t say those silly words again after I happened to have a chance to play the role of Communications Director- to write a brief. Continue reading

Thoughts after pitch

Today was the last day for degree study and we finished the second group for pitching viral app/video campaign. And I have listened to all my amigos’ fantastic ideas after I finished mine as a first mover on the last Thursday. Continue reading

PR female professions reach the tipping point?

PR seems to be a female-dominate industry. Statistics show that PRCA consists of 70 percent female members while there are 73 percent women among PRSA memberships.loadgame_tippingpoint_logo                                                                                                   pic source Continue reading

Insights learned from Nudge theory

Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein co-write a book called Nudge, improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness, which emphasised that slight changes can effectively improve consequence. The Nudge theory has been gradually trialled by governments to increase positive public reaction towards social issues since it published in 2008. 

Governments seem to value the nudge insights. Cass R. Sunstein has been asked to work to the White House; Richard H. Thaler has been advising policymakers in several Europe countries and UK where the government sets up a Behavioural Insights Team(BIT)- the Nudge Unit as nickname.

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App idea for domestic violence recognition

In early March, Women’s Aid and another charity released a powerful research about a lack of recognition of domestic violence within women. And I happened to read the paper and it gave me an idea to create a social media campaign, which it’s my work of social media module study. So I’d like to share my app idea which is a part of the proposal. Continue reading

Has publicity been replaced on social media? part-2

↓ Following the last post…

Apart from blogging, is also one of the popular content-sharing platforms. It encourages people to upload and share their stories on Internet across the world. However, some organisation use it as a publicity way. Continue reading

Has publicity been replaced on social media? Part-1

There is no doubt that Social media has helped the public back into PR. But have two-way conversation and content sharing replaced one-way publicity and media manipulation?

…This is our next week’s debate                                                                      *adpated from:

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Socialising CEOs- insights from Weber Shandwick’s studies

Late January, we talked about the Trust issue with Edelman‘s survey results, and I left a question  about how CEO uses social media to build up reputation. Few days ago, I happened to read a related research conducted by  another leading PR agency- Weber Shandwick Continue reading

Secrets hidden in £0 budget campaign

Institutions across UK suffer various challenges now. On one hand, tuition fees rise and economy goes weakly that affects people’s desire for higher education. On the other hand, universities, to some extend, are competing to attract more high quality candidates- local and overseas students.

So how could a college stand out? Continue reading

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